Late Assignment Policy

Homework submitted for grading before or on the "Homework Due Date", as listed in the Schedule of Lectures, will be eligible for 100% of the grade points for the assignment. Homework submitted late will be accepted for up to 7 calendar days after the due date, and will receive an automatic 10% penalty. Homework submitted more than 7 days after the due date will not be accepted.

Submission Guidelines

You are required to submit your source code electronically to the csci571 account so that it can be graded by graders and compared to all other student's code via the MOSS code comparison tool. To submit your file electronically, enter the following command from your Unix prompt:

$ submit -user csci571 -tag hwN MYFILE

where, MYFILE is the name of the file you created for your hwN [where N is replaced with homework numbers: 3,4,6,8,9]. You can have multiple filenames separated by spaces, if you have more than one file to submit. E.g.(for homework3 with two files):

$ submit -user csci571 -tag hw3 file1.html file2.html

You must link this homework to your class homework page so that the graders can go to your website and grade your homework.