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Class Sections

USC Section # Session # Instructor Class Time Class Location
30378D 2 (048) Professor Marco Papa Tuesday, Thursday 5:30PM-7:20PM SAL 101
30322D 3 (048) Professor Marco Papa Tuesday, Thursday 7:30PM-9:20PM SAL 101

Teaching Staff

Email Phone Office Location Office Hours Website
Professor Marco Papa papa @ (213) 821-4366 RTH 512 Thursday
Email Phone Office Location Office Hours Website
Abdullah Alfarrarjeh alfarrar @ - - N/A Website
DEN students have priority 09:00AM-09:30AM
Producer Email Office Location Office Hours
Yuechuan Pei yuechuap @ Leavey 202F (2nd floor) Thursday
10AM - 11AM
Ishan Kothari ikothari @ Leavey 201B (2nd floor) Tuesday
9AM - 10AM
Yongrui Gao yongruig @ Leavey 201F (2nd floor) Wednesday
11AM - 12PM
Chenglong Hao chengloh @ Leavey 201C (2nd floor) Thursday
10AM - 11AM
Aditya Kiran Pentyala pentyala @ Leavey 201E (2nd floor) Friday
11AM - 12PM
Ru Jia rujia @ Leavey 201G (2nd floor) Saturday
11AM - 12PM
Grader Initials Email
Yichen Yao YY yicheny @
Zhen Zhang ZZ zhan155 @
Sathish Holla SH sholla @
Mitun Jose George MG mitunjog @
Shah Kunal SK ketankan @
Bin Lyu BL binlyu @
Kritika Vaid KV kvaid @
Mi Li ML mili @


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